Thursday, April 7, 2011

British Sea Power conquering our shores finally?

The word on the street, the air and the space-behind-my-mom's-house-where-I-occasionally-crap-in is that British Sea Power may be heading to this side of the world for shows in KL, Singapore and Bandung. Now you can of course choose not to believe me just like how I once believed that the band members were not a marauding pack of blood-thirsty devil hounds.

Then I saw the picture above.

Believe people, believe.

British Sea Power - Stunde Null (from Valhalla Dancehall)

Gig-gles: Jimmy Eat World, Singapore, 1 April 2011

(Courtesy of Obvious Girl)

So while Jimmy Eat World were performing 'Sweetness' to end their Singapore show, an epiphany suddenly hit me: I know what Jimmy wanted us to sing back to him. The secret lies in the third "whoa-oh". That particular one has some striking vocal similarities to the mating call of a parakeet, which I know because I have a parakeet named Peter, who I treat with incredible love and kindness.

So anyways, after careful, delicate consultation with Peter my pet parakeet, I managed to get him to confess what it actually means, and so I would like to finally share with the world exactly what he wrote down. It is:

I'll tell you anything! Please stop stabbing that fork down my throat!

Hmmm, that does seem like a strange thing that Jimmy wants us to sing back. But I trust Peter. And he trusts me. See? Right now he's pointing that fork at me. He must be wanting to feed me! Such a good parakeet. Now just poke that piece of fried chicken won't you, and then bring the fork back up to my mou... stabbbb... thudddd.... squawkkk you, you dunce!

Set list:

1. Bleed American
2. A Praise Chorus
3. My Best Theory
4. Coffee And Cigarettes
5. Your New Aesthetic
6. Let It Happen
7. Futures
8. Big Casino
9. Dizzy
10. Action Needs An Audience
11. Pain
12. Get It Faster
13. 23
14. Evidence
15. For Me This Is Heaven
16. Hear You Me
17. Work
18. Blister
19. Goodbye Sky Harbor

20. Invented
21. The Middle
22. Sweetness

Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me (from Bleed American)
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