Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look what I found in the bargain bin

The Cooper Temple Clause
Kick Up the Fire, and Let the Flames Break Loose

Price: RM4.95

Hey so I bought the Belly CD, happy as a bee, ready to pee, to eat dinner with gee and watch footie when I realized the bargain bin offer was a 'Buy 1 free 1 offer'. So it's RM9.90 for 2 CDs. Which if you have not quite done the math (I did the math 20 hours ago because I predicted that I would be bragging about it at this very moment), is more brilliant than brillant's older brother.

That's like having five Victoria's Secret models agree to bang you, only to find that under each of them lies a plate of barbecued and burned-to-a-crisp pork ribs.

The Cooper Temple Clause - Blind Pilots (from Kick Up the Fire, and Let the Flames Break Loose)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Day Out 2010: First announcement is out!

Big Day Out will always hold a special place in me, Genusfrog and Pantsy's hearts. Because on top of being our only experience at a popular world renown music festival, it was also the first time we realized that Pantsy's skin fries like a sunny side up in the Australian summer. Not to mention it was also the first time we discovered that Genusfrog is infatuated with a beer bottle named Matilda. And it was the first time I discovered my immunity against desert storms and my ability to fly short distances. Yeah I know, it's quite obvious who's the awesomest.

The line-up so far: Muse, Powderfinger, Lily Allen, Eskimo Joe, Groove Armada, Grinspoon, The Mars Volta, Lady Hawke, Dizzee Rascal, Karnivool, Peaches, The Temper Trap, Kasabian, Midnight Juggernauts, Rise Againts, Magic Dirt, Mastadon, Lisa Mitchell, The Horrors, Bluejuice, Calvin Harris, Kisschasy, The Decemberists, Tame Impala, Girl Talk.

Muse - Thoughts of a Dying Atheist (from Absolution)
The Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) (from The Crane Wife)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Look what I found in the bargain bin


Price: RM4.95

You also know bands are running out of names when they name themselves after a body part.

I mean it's one thing to name yourself after an animal, a cartoon character or food, it's quite another thing to name yourself after human gut. Although in my case, Belly's name would be interpreted as 'Six Pack', cause I have no 'belly' and as such, have not committed the word to my superior memory. Unless it's 'pork belly' in which case I would say, 'Chow down, bitches'.

Belly - Super-Connected (from King)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Word for the Week: Holiday

Cause holiday is in the air here in the office. It's ghost town 102 my friends. So the Internet's faster, the lunch lines are shorter and there are less chicks to ogle at. Oh wait, that kinda of sucks I think. Shit man, the holidays suck.

Blur - Bank Holiday (demo) (from Parklife)

Me: I would like to go on a bank holiday
Dude: What do you do on a bank holiday?
Me: I visit banks
Dude: ...

The Wilson Hospital - Summer Holiday (from Medication for a Lost Generation)

Me: I would like to go on a summer holiday
Dude: What's a summer holiday?
Me: ...
Dude: Oh ... (boards his UFO)

Matt Pond PA - Holiday Road (Lindsay Buckingham) (from Winter Songs)

Me: I would like to go on a holiday road
Dude: What's a holiday road?
Me: A road that leads to a holiday
Dude: And what if it's an island holiday?
Me: ...
Dude: ...
Me: Pass me the wetsuit and prep the buggy for sea pressure

Love Me Butch - Hollywood Holiday (from This is the New Pop)

Me: I would like to go on a Hollywood holiday
Dude: What's a Hollywood holiday?
Me: A holiday where you visit a guy named Holly with wood
Dude: Oh, but isn't Holly a girl's name?
Me: *wink*
Dude: Oh ... (boards his UFO, quickly)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's get lyrical, lyrical: The Innocence Mission - Tomorrow On the Runway

Old days, don't come to find me
The sun is just about to climb up over there
While my heart is sinking I do not want my voice
To go out into the air
Did you leave the darkness without me?
You're always miles ahead
And you're standing in tomorrow on the runway

Oh be the music in my head
The air around my bed, oh be my rest
Replace the small disgraces of
The times and places that I never really left
Did you leave the darkness without me?
You're always miles ahead
And you're standing in tomorrow on the runway

Oh I want to fly, fly forward into the light
Be alive, to come alive
On the leaf-bright Friday drive
Sudden horses at the red light
Turn around, see clearer ways to go now

Because there is something terribly kickass about waiting for a girl at a runway. I mean, this is not trunk road or bicycle lane. This is a damn runway. Step out of line a little and you could be owned by a Boeing.

Therefore because of this, I have theorized that the song is about She Hulk.

Cause only she would want her man (The Hulk?) to wait for her at a runway. The rest of us would be fine with a 7-Eleven.

The Innocence Mission - Tomorrow On the Runway (from Befriended)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Playground Festival: Those boys from Scotland have confirmed

So apparently, there's this dance music festival happening in Jakarta in November and that they've already signed up Franz Ferdinand as headliners. Wait a dang minute, aren't they a rock band? Yeah heck they are, they play guitars. And anyone that plays a guitar is automatically rock. Yes, including the Bee Gees.

Anyways, everything's dance music these days. Like just the other day, I was taking out the thrash and I accidentally tumble over a few thrash cans outside the house and from nowhere some sleazy agent named Devon jumps out from behind a bush and says I have a future as a DJ. So I said sure. Next thing I know I'm in some club where the girls keep shedding clothes per-minute for some reason and I am ejecting and playing CDs every 5 minutes. Is this DJ-ing? Cause if it is then I sure as heck am a dang good DJ, dawg.


Date: 14th November 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Pantai Carnaval, Ancol, Jakarta
Current Line up: Franz Ferdinand (UK), Chicane (UK), Mixhell (BR), The Thrillseekers (UK), Johan Gielen (NL), 3D Disco (UK), Drum Connection (DE) and more to be announced

Franz Ferdinand - Missing You (from Michael single)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

B-Side of the Week: Winterlong (Neil Young)

The Pixies
Winterlong (from the Dig For Fire single)

I hate songs like these.

You know, songs that just sing to a selected group of people. I mean, what winter do we have at this part of the world anyway. Not that it matters because I have figured out the perfect way to enjoy this song the way it's meant to be - inside my fridge.

Yeah It's a little tight on the elbows but hey, nothing like downing a can of Coke in there to take in the spirit of the song. Just to be even more accurate, I will drink three cans so that it is long.

The Pixies - Winterlong

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Week's Track 9: Arctic Monkeys - Pretty Visitors

Unbeknownst to you, Zhang Ziyi has not been enjoying her conjugal rights with me of late. I know, I know, a man should be a man and perform his duties obediently, but it's hard to sincerely enjoy a woman, even a beautiful one, when all I can think of is Taiwanese XXL deep fried chicken. That and finding the cure for elephantitis. Oh, and Fernando Torres' thighs.

Look, Ziyi, I think I can't hack it tonight, baby. Tell you what, why don't you go pull that chicken out of the fryer, you know how I hate it when it gets too brown. Yeah, please go now. Ziyi, honey, go. Please. You're blocking the Champions League highlights.

Arctic Monkeys - Pretty Visitors (from Humbug)

The Ataris Live in Indonesia for LA Lights Indiefest 09: 10th October

Update: Turns out, they will be here for a festival that will also feature amongst others, Lenka and Raygun. More info here.

I've always thought The Ataris had a cool name. Why? It's hard to say, but I think after analyzing their name for about 120 years (my god, they are old, eh, so am I), I have concluded that it's probably because they are named after something old. Cause you know, old is gold.

As such I have started a band named The Sunnies. Named after my uncle Sunny who farts through his nose and chases after schoolgirls with his lawnmower. Bless his soul. He had a good heart.

Updated info:

Date: Saturday, 10 October 2009
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tickets: Early bird special, until 3 Oct: IDR100,000 (festival), IDR150,000 (first class) & IDR200,000 (VIP); after 3 Oct: IDR150,000 (festival), IDR200,000 (first class) & IDR250,000 (VIP)

The Ataris - The Hero Dies In This One (from So Long, Astoria)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word for the Week: Space

I've ran out of bloody space on my hard drive.

What does this mean? My Golden Girls downloads have to stop that's what. No one stands between a Geek and some old ladies. Except if you're a young lady dressed in a Mothra suit. Okay, if you throw in a calculator, some Chicken Buffet vouchers and some stockings I could well consider 'strongly'.

The xx - Basic Space (from xx)

That's what you need, some basic space. Which for me is just 1.73GB more to save me those Edison Chen scandal photos. Shhh ... Rachel does not know. Cause if she does, she may decide to pose in some for me. Yeah I know, my life sucks ... not! Ha ha, get it? Get it? Boo.

Apples in Stereo - Innerspace (from Fun Trick Noisemaker)

You now, that bit of shirt space under your armpits? Yeah, having that extra chicken chop is showing under my armpits. What this has to do with the space on my hard drive? Nothing at all, accept that I routinely keep warm by tugging my external hard drive under my armpits.

B Quartet - Personal Space (from Tomorrow is Our Permanent Address)

I've always told Rachel that I need my personal space. Granted I handcuff her to my workstation and tell her that but that's not the point. With enough striving and contortion, she should be able to give me my personal space.

The Fire Fight - People and Spaces (from Henri)

Second Singaporean band singing about spaces. Rumor has it that as soon as you're born over there, your mom's behind is all you see until you're old enough to buy a car to drive off. No, I have never confirmed this rumor. What? Of course it's true.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the papers today...

A British cop faces action for inviting women to have sex with him on his police motorbike. The cop, 43-year-old James Appi, posted pictures on a sleazy swingers’ website of himself straddling his BMW while posing next to President Obama’s limo. When questioned, he said that it was merely a fantasy and that he would not have gone through with it. However, upon further investigation, it was revealed that he only said that because the first offer he received was from Vin Diesel, who was researching for his new film Bike Boink.
This story reminds me of: Blane Fonda - Salacious Love (from Master of Stars and Broken Arms)

Bittorrent has been banned in the Antartica. The U.S. Antarctic Program announced that it has banned all peer-to-peer applications because of "the potential to overwhelm the internet connections on the Ice". This has incensed the citizens of the Antartica, and days later, about 200 polar bears staged a mass hunger strike when their download of Penguins Gone Wild got stuck at 93%. Thankfully, Al Gore intervened, and quicky delivered to the bears several cartons containing the desired DVD, complete with bonus features and flipper-fondling devices.
This story reminds me of: Sleeping At Last - Birdcage Religion (from Storyboards)

Saved By The Bell actor Dustin Diamond is being sued for over $21,000 in unpaid property taxes. According to, The 32-year-old, better known as Screech from the 90s TV hit, also had his car repossessed. This is not the first time that Diamond has been surrounded by controversy, and in 2006 he starred in his own porn tape called Screeched, aka Saved By The Smell. His manager later admitted the tape was released in an effort to raise his profile, but close friends say that Screech was only hoping to get Mr Belding to spank him one more time.
This story reminds me of: Twiggy Frostbite - I'm Still Here (from Through Fire)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Watson Live in Singapore: 19 Jan, 2010

Okay that's it.

I've tried my best to not bother about this dude that seems to drop by our place and drop hints of shows in the first comment box he sees. I mean dude ... it's a post about soccer man. Like WAG-friendly soccer. Like busty girlies. Yeah, that kind of spirit.

But then again, we also appreciate him always thinking about us whenever he knows a show is happening. As such after typing this last line, I have concluded that it's not a 'he' that's been posting but a 'she'. That's because only 'girls' love us and think we are awesome. Because if a guy thought we were awesome, then that's just gay.

Patrick Watson - Drifters (from Close to Paradise)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Sick Sick Six: Six Reasons Why England Could Win the World Cup in 2010

Some country called England thrashed another country called Croatia for a score of 5-1 recently and they are talking smack about them winning some thing called the World Cup. Everyone knows that's pork trotters compared the amount of thrashing I do, which is everyday. In fact, I am thrashing now ...

... Yes dear, yeah, talking to my imaginary friend again. No way, she does not have bigger boobs than you. Nope. Yeah, I've put out the thrash. I'm good at it aren't I? You're so sweet.

Freshly backed scones

Yes, none of that fusion food mumbo-jumbo. Let's be all stuffy and English and we'll win that darn thing. A little jam please and that cute waiter behind the counter, or you'll get stabbed.
Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery (from Fluorescent Adolescent single)

A 'hairdryer' from their mothers

Look at David Beckham. He probably wets his pants at the sight of his mother. A colossal nag from her and he could well climb Everest in an hour. Oh wait, yeah that's right, he wets his pants when he sees more than three packs of Lays chips at the 7-11. Bad example.
Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag Nag (from It's Complicated)

The linesman drops dead

No more offsides. Imagine what a game football would be. Like basketball, only more err ... English? Ha ha ha. Just kidding I know, football isn't just played by the English. It's Brazil too right? I knew that.
Bloc Party The Marshals are Dead (from She's Hearing Voices single)

Kill the linesman

Watch him light up in flames instead. A lot like the previous entry except with more smoke. Yes, like a barbecue. Bugger, you had me at 'barb'.
Earlimart - Cigarettes and Kerosene (from Hymn and Her)

The entire world decided to suck

England vs Andorra in the finals. Rooney scores 7 and they win 11-0. Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain, France and Portugal all did not make it. Why? Cause they got scared off by the sight of Rooney's wife.
The Clientele - Somebody Changed (from God Save the Clientele)

Keep focus and don't stare at anything.

Yes Rio, the game is football. Yeah you know, your foot to the ball, that's right. I know, I know, there are a lot of busty chicks around. We'll get you one later but for now, yes kick, yes kick, that's a good boy. Yes, you may kick harder. No, not at your mother.
The Hazey Janes - Don't Look Away (from Hotel Radio)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Week's Track 9: Gin Blossoms - Allison Road

So I am assuming Allison lives on Allison Road?

How nifty. It would be even more nifty if it was the first time someone has done something like that, except that I already did it years ago. But instead of naming a road after some girl I liked (pfftt) or some girl that liked me (double pfftt), I decided to name it after one of my dogs, Bazooka.

Yep, I currently live on Bazooka Road. It was a toss up between my three most favorite dogs, 'Bazooka', 'Plasma Cannon' and 'Megan'. Oh wait, Megan was my wife.

Gin Blossoms - Allison Road (from New Miserable Experience)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Let's get lyrical, lyrical: Tori Amos - The Power of Orange Knickers

The power of orange knickers
Under my petticoat

The power of listening to what

You don't want me to know

Can somebody tell me now

Who is this terrorist

Those girls that smile kindly

Then rip you life to pieces

Can somebody tell me now

Am I alone with this

This little pill in my hand

And with this secret


Am I alone in t
his? A

A matter of complication

When you become a twist

For that latest drink

As that transitioning

Can somebody tell me now

Who is this terrorist

This little pill in my hand

That keeps the pain living

Can somebody tell me now
The way out of this

That sacred pot of red stuff

Could blow me out of this


Am I alone in this

The power of orange knickers

Under my petticoat
The power of listening to what

You don't want me to know

Shame shame time to leave me now

Shame shame you've had your fun

Shame shame for letting me think

That I would be the one

Can somebody tell me now

Who is this terrorist

This little pill in my hand

Or this secret


Am I alone in this

Who the heck writes a song that consists of just one line? I mean who has the audacity to do that? Ooo maybe an orange-haired feline of a singer, hence her choice of knicker-color. Which means if I wrote a similar song, it would be titled 'The Power of Black Grandmother Shorts'. What? Hey don't diss my grandma.

Anyways, yes, just one line. What the heck? Oh, what was that you said? What? Shit, no kidding? More than a few paragraphs? I could've sworn there is nothing after the word 'knickers'. It's hard to notice anything after you've found one. Peace!

Tori Amos - The Power of Orange Knickers (from The Beekeeper)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

B-Side of the Week: I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells)

Spinto Band
I Think We're Alone Now (from the Vivian Don't single)
(Park the Van)

There apparently this story, about a girl named Vivian. Who ran into some guy (me), who somehow got her all alone so that he could sing some cheesy pop song by Tiffany to her on karaoke. At first she said 'don't' but after awhile she was screaming 'for more'. Then she died, presumably from the bad singing. End of story.

Spinto Band - I Think We're Alone Now
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