Tuesday, July 14, 2009

M83 for Malaysia? God Help Us

So our ultra secretive, Loh Mee-loving paparazzi has given us yet another scoop on potential wars heading our way. Apparently this time, it's by a group called the M83 or something. That the same guys who brought us Explosions in the Sky (yet another militant group if that is not already obvious) might be looking to wage another war using this M83.

As it is we're already being besieged by smoky air (mild chemical warfare I heard) and now we're going to be invaded by some group named after a machine gun.

A galaxy thingy you say? So it's not a machine gun? This is worst than I thought. They could be alien then. Aliens from M83! Shit, it all makes sense now. No wonder my belly's been quivering and my butt farting non stop. Oh wait, that could be because I had Mexican beans for lunch.

Ah in any case, time to hide myself in that extremely large and pink bomb shelter with my six Megan Fox's in any case.

M83 - Coloring the Void (from Digital Shades Vol 1)

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