Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rarity on the Rarity: Popscene

Rare factor: Non-album low charting single that went out of print and almost wrecked the band but eventually became a cult classic.

Ow my head. It's not fun to wake up and discover that ninjas came into your room last night and chopped up every part of you except for your right arm. So now, while the paramedics and my neighbourhood seamstress conspire to stitch me back together, I exist purely as the right arm of Pirate Genusfrog. Which is still more fabulous than you.

Oh you never been just one part of your body before? What a life you must've lived. You really should get out more. Like this one time, I was out hunting lions with The Geek. And the lions ate him up till all he was left with was his arse. And so there we were, one full awesome man and an arse, going around with guns, shooting at lions. Man that was fun. If only I had become a right arm that afternoon. It would have looked poetic.

Blur - Popscene

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