Friday, July 24, 2009

This Week's Track 9: Arrows of Eros

There's nothing wrong with looking like a pimp if you're Golden Silvers. Either that or if you're really a pimp. Like me.

Yep. I'm not just a piratus awesomus monumentalus, I'm also a pimp. And today, I'm gonna introduce you to my most popular tart-of-art. Her name is Pantsietta and she's from Austria. Come on Pansietta. Say hello to Mr Reader. Mr Reader wants you for the whole afternoon because he got sacked at lunchtime and he's feeling sad and he's also too embarrased to go home early and explain everything to his wife. No, it's ok, don't be shy. Actually he's more shy than you. No, don't say that about Mr Reader. I'm sure his moustache is clean. Isn't it Mr Reader? No? Oh, yeah. I see it too. Hmmm... it's okay Pansietta. Remember Mr Baseball Bat? Remember when he got friendly with you? Yeah? Maybe I'll let you choose, baby. Sorry, what? Mr Reader? Are you sure? Atta girl.

Golden Silvers - Arrows of Eros (from True Romance)

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