Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lloyd Cole: Live in Singapore - 16 Nov 2009

Nothing like kicking back, a beer in hand and watching an old fart do his thing. What's his thing? Well it can be anything you know? Stroking his beard. Watch him watch TV reruns. Hear him fart when he tries to lift something heavy. Yeah, good stuff.

Like this one time, I paid big bucks to watch some old dude eat prawn noodles. Gosh, it was such an epic show. It was four hours long. Really got my money's worth cause seriously, I've never seen anyone eat prawn noodles with as much grace, timing and general slowness since. Lovely stuff, highly recommended. Next week, I've booked myself a show watching some old dude running a 40km marathon. Apparently, it's a killer. We'll see, we'll see.

Lloyd Cole - Coattails (from Cleaning Out the Ashtrays)

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