Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Placebo Live in Malaysia?

So apparently British he/she band Placebo are set to wash into our shores sometime later this year. Judging from their tour schedule, August looks likely.

And in preparation for that I have bought myself a skirt. What for? Look at the 'dude' up there and tell me, what's so 'dude' about him? I could shag him accidentally if the lights were not on. And besides, I like wearing skirts. Especially those pleaded floral ones. So pretty. Okay shhh ... need to get some ironing action going.

Placebo - Peeping Tom (from Black Market Music)


Anonymous said...

Dude! Is this for real??? OH-MY-GAWD!!! If it is true, then it's bloody brilliant. Cheers!

ajira said...

Ahhhhh finally!

Anonymous said...


The Geek said...

Like we've said many times before, we will never reveal our sources because they are often extraterrestrial in nature. Why? How many of you have seen aliens? Yups, that's what I thought.

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