Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pearl Jam in Malaysia next month? Take thaaaaaaaat ...

Apparently some prominent concert organizer is trying to bring the Seattle grunge gods over for a block-rocking show. Yes, a concert organizer. I know, even we are shocked why it's not an ice cream seller. Yeesh.

Nevermind that a Pearl Jam show over at this side of the causeway is unlikely to not be followed by a show at the other side of the causeway, at the moment, the buzz is all on this side. So I am going to take this opportunity to say, take that!

Oh by the way, I've since tricked Pantsy to move from those three horse gonads to a baboon's pink bottom. He thinks it's an eggplant. Say what you want, the boy loves his vegetables. A lot.

Pearl Jam - Black (from Ten)


PJgal said...

Any news about this?

Anonymous said...

enjoy =)

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