Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latest rumour: Kings Of Convenience in Singapore Jan 2010

All right, another rumour! We really love our Rumour Giver Guys, they never seem to fail in providing the most accurate, up-to-date info. I mean, they might as well be employed by the UN or Facebook or something, the way they just get things done. World peace, yo.

Hey, why are you aiming that thing at me for?!? Excuse me, put that away. I'll have you know that we have very strict requirements outlined whenever it comes time to hire another Rumour Giver Guy. We conduct no less than 18 interviews, put them through 5 tests, and make sure their biceps are at least 2/3rds the size of ours.

With that in mind, it brings me great joy to introduce you the two newest hires who will be joining our workforce:

Ummhmm, meet Calvin and Charles, assigned to supply us with intricate insider knowledge all future gigs happening in and around this region. I know. I see you peeing in your pants already at the prospects. I also see you... hey, I said to put that away! Hey, stop aiming that at me! Dude, I'm warning you. No! No! No... N....

Kings Of Convenience - Me In You (from Declaration of Dependence)


ili said...

this better be true, please don't break my heart.

Anonymous said...

you sure? please make this true. i miss them 3 yrs ago. tsk tsk..

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