Friday, June 5, 2009

Baybeats 2009 lineup announced

So as we scooped earlier, Anberlin and 1/4 of Fountains of Wayne aka Chris Collingwood are showing up for this year's Baybeats. Which makes us about as excited as the thought of letting a monkey shave our pubes with a cleaver.

And so anyways, the official lineup is out, and it turns out our scoop was right. But then just as our pants were making its way down to our shins, we thought oh why not, lets have a second look. And hey, believe it or not, there are some semi-bright spots. There's The Philippines' Taken By Cars, Malaysia's Love Me Butch, Thailand's Tabasco and Hong Kong's Velvette Vendetta, plus a few "OMG they're not emo" Singapore reps courtesy of Great Spy Experiment and The Marilyns. So upon careful analysis, we've decided to call off the chimps, put away the cleaver, and...

Oh, damn it. There's Estranged. And West Grand Boulevard. Hey Bubbles, can you fetch some towels on the way here? Thanks, ape face.

To see the full lineup, visit

Velvette Vendetta - Night Before The Snow Storm (from The Underground #1 Something Alternative)
Taken By Cars - A Weeknight Memoir (In High Definition) (from Endings Of a New Kind)


Anonymous said...

Hey there, This is Velvette Vendetta
All the vendetta are so excited to the baybeats!!!

Hope to meet u up.. when we arrived!!

Anonymous said...


I love Vodka ha ha

Pantsy said...

howdy chaps

yea hope to meet up. we'll be near the taco stalls. chicks dig taco.

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