Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baybeats 2009: Rumors and farts of Anberlin and one of Wayne's fountains

So it's that time of the year. When we start eating a little more pork ribs, reading a little more lad mags and start crapping more than once a day. Why? Eh, shit, I forgot why I started writing that line but I know it's for something seriously unimportant and idiotic.

Oh yes that's right, Baybeats rumors. Rumor has it that Anberlin and Chris Collingwood (1/4 of Fountains of Wayne) have been tagged for this year's edition as headliners. Is it just me or are these Baybeats headliners getting more farty every year. At this rate, we might as well have the bassist of Stiltskin to do a 'come-out-of-my-backwatered-American-town show for next year's edition as well. Or we could have just me. Oh wait, that's quite awesome so they better not.

Anberlin - Uncanny (from Cities)

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