Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's get lyrical, lyrical: Rainer Maria - Rise

Sometimes, Offer more than talking.
Say, "I like you very much."

Say, what when cut grows over
Pink and white?


Skinny daisies.


A way of saving your words.

Say nothing, if it's forced.

For each inch cut,

The roots grow ten

Where we can't see them.

I'm laying in the soil,

Is it time for me to rise?

I've pulled up my stakes again.

Is there someone who can take me in

If there's one topic that is shit-crap difficult to find in a song, it's gardening. But like my dad always said, you wait long enough, and one comes along.

But hey, I waited so bloody long that I actually wrote one before, but it never took off. It was called 'Manure Under My Nails'. Had a good beat to it too. But some suit told me that I may have to change some of the lyrics 'around a little'. So I did. I renamed it 'Nails in the Manure'. He threw a cup of fresh orange on me for that. Prick.

Rainer Maria - Rise (from Look Now, Look Again)

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