Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Word for the Week: Fail

Our sections are dropping like flies and it's purely because of one reason - the other two (shhh ...) are just not as awesome as me. I mean, my dad always said that if you need something done in this world, you should do it yourself and shoot the fella that's supposed to do it in the first place in the head for not doing it. But Pantsy's a friend. So instead I have decided to throw him into a pit filled with homo rhinos. Not heard from him since. Anyways, before I chucked him in, I had this conversation with him:

Geek: Dude

Pantsy: Yeah?

Geek: You're a lazy ass.

Pantsy: Yeah, I know.

Geek: You know why right? Cause you left that Word of the Week section all blank for nearly half a year now.

Pantsy: I am well aware.

Geek: Oh, in that case, you're a lazy ass ninny that wears panties too, just like Genusfrog.

Pantsy: You're right (Rhino's roaring in the background).

Geek: Oh, then you're a ninny that wears panties and eats sparrow butts for breakfast.

Pantsy: Damn straight (More rhinos roaring).

Geek: It's been nice knowing you dude.

Pantsy: Yeah it has been.

Geek: Bye.

Pantsy: Bye



Evergrey - Fail (from Torn Year)

Yeah man, at the end of the day it boils down to one simple thing, fail. That and the panties, which by the way, look real good on you.

- If You Fail, We All Fail (from Everything Last Winter)

Yeah man, rhinos aside, because you failed, we all failed. Like I had this chick slap me the other day cause she said my blog's not cool anymore cause we don't update on time. Cock block man, cock block.

The Clash - Rudie Can't Fail (from London Calling)

If Rudie is like Pantsy then Rudie will fail, and fail, and fail again, until he is chucked into a pit filled with horny homo rhinos.

Cat Power - It's Alright to Fail (from The Hottest State)

Of course it is alright to fail. No problem. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Just a smelly pit of horny homo rhinos and a pair of pink panties. Seriously, no hard feelings.

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