Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's get lyrical, lyrical: Magnet - Everything's Perfect

She's fragile and slender
And fading fast
So in a voice so tender she asks
If I could lend her a helping hand
A hand that would end her strive
Love is only for poets
And dreams are for fools
And on all beauty you'll find
Time's always cruel

If you see what I see
Then say after me
I'll fight my fright
I'll do as you ask tonight

Ever since my heart chose to choose her
I've known I would lose her
But I will excuse her
I could never refuse her anything
'Cause I'm not a poet, no
I'm just a fool
But the beauty she speaks of
Keeps her as the exception to the rule

But I see what I see
So I know what it'll be
I'll fight my fright
And I'll do as she's asked me to do tonight

And all will be forgiven
It's from love that I've been driven
And time will skip a moment
When it's perfect
And I'll kiss her lips
As she slips away

You said you'd die for me
You said you'd die for me
So why can't you live for me
Why won't you live for me

Ah not to be boasting or anything (but I am), this song's about me. Yep it is. Cause as much as I try to live my life ordinarily, I find myself failing. After all, I am perfect. Yes sir (and you the hot madam at the back) I am.

Just an example of how I am, I once took this Math test in primary school and when I got the results back, the teacher drew a perfect circle for me as my mark. It was such a nice circle and it was in red as well. I think she had the hots for me, you know, like red = hot. Shit, missed it. Damn.

Magnet - Everything's Perfect (from On Your Side)

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