Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word for the Week: Space

I've ran out of bloody space on my hard drive.

What does this mean? My Golden Girls downloads have to stop that's what. No one stands between a Geek and some old ladies. Except if you're a young lady dressed in a Mothra suit. Okay, if you throw in a calculator, some Chicken Buffet vouchers and some stockings I could well consider 'strongly'.

The xx - Basic Space (from xx)

That's what you need, some basic space. Which for me is just 1.73GB more to save me those Edison Chen scandal photos. Shhh ... Rachel does not know. Cause if she does, she may decide to pose in some for me. Yeah I know, my life sucks ... not! Ha ha, get it? Get it? Boo.

Apples in Stereo - Innerspace (from Fun Trick Noisemaker)

You now, that bit of shirt space under your armpits? Yeah, having that extra chicken chop is showing under my armpits. What this has to do with the space on my hard drive? Nothing at all, accept that I routinely keep warm by tugging my external hard drive under my armpits.

B Quartet - Personal Space (from Tomorrow is Our Permanent Address)

I've always told Rachel that I need my personal space. Granted I handcuff her to my workstation and tell her that but that's not the point. With enough striving and contortion, she should be able to give me my personal space.

The Fire Fight - People and Spaces (from Henri)

Second Singaporean band singing about spaces. Rumor has it that as soon as you're born over there, your mom's behind is all you see until you're old enough to buy a car to drive off. No, I have never confirmed this rumor. What? Of course it's true.

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