Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Playground Festival: Those boys from Scotland have confirmed

So apparently, there's this dance music festival happening in Jakarta in November and that they've already signed up Franz Ferdinand as headliners. Wait a dang minute, aren't they a rock band? Yeah heck they are, they play guitars. And anyone that plays a guitar is automatically rock. Yes, including the Bee Gees.

Anyways, everything's dance music these days. Like just the other day, I was taking out the thrash and I accidentally tumble over a few thrash cans outside the house and from nowhere some sleazy agent named Devon jumps out from behind a bush and says I have a future as a DJ. So I said sure. Next thing I know I'm in some club where the girls keep shedding clothes per-minute for some reason and I am ejecting and playing CDs every 5 minutes. Is this DJ-ing? Cause if it is then I sure as heck am a dang good DJ, dawg.


Date: 14th November 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Pantai Carnaval, Ancol, Jakarta
Current Line up: Franz Ferdinand (UK), Chicane (UK), Mixhell (BR), The Thrillseekers (UK), Johan Gielen (NL), 3D Disco (UK), Drum Connection (DE) and more to be announced

Franz Ferdinand - Missing You (from Michael single)

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