Friday, September 25, 2009

Word for the Week: Holiday

Cause holiday is in the air here in the office. It's ghost town 102 my friends. So the Internet's faster, the lunch lines are shorter and there are less chicks to ogle at. Oh wait, that kinda of sucks I think. Shit man, the holidays suck.

Blur - Bank Holiday (demo) (from Parklife)

Me: I would like to go on a bank holiday
Dude: What do you do on a bank holiday?
Me: I visit banks
Dude: ...

The Wilson Hospital - Summer Holiday (from Medication for a Lost Generation)

Me: I would like to go on a summer holiday
Dude: What's a summer holiday?
Me: ...
Dude: Oh ... (boards his UFO)

Matt Pond PA - Holiday Road (Lindsay Buckingham) (from Winter Songs)

Me: I would like to go on a holiday road
Dude: What's a holiday road?
Me: A road that leads to a holiday
Dude: And what if it's an island holiday?
Me: ...
Dude: ...
Me: Pass me the wetsuit and prep the buggy for sea pressure

Love Me Butch - Hollywood Holiday (from This is the New Pop)

Me: I would like to go on a Hollywood holiday
Dude: What's a Hollywood holiday?
Me: A holiday where you visit a guy named Holly with wood
Dude: Oh, but isn't Holly a girl's name?
Me: *wink*
Dude: Oh ... (boards his UFO, quickly)

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