Sunday, December 20, 2009

311, Jakarta, 30 March 2010

So you know how all these forgotten 90s rock dudes are going to Indonesia right? I have finally figured out why that happens. It's because Indonesia gives cheap haircuts. For real, yo. Because when all those 90s rock dudes became forgotten, they sorta forgot a whole lotta things themselves. Like how to pee, poo or cut their hair.

That's really natural, actually. Like how our fellow Pirate Genusfrog sometimes forgets he's a pirate, and then subsequently starts forgetting other things in life that used to be so natural to him. Y'know, like brushing his turtle's teeth, putting on his eye patch or sprinkling his toe nails on his Caesar salad. Yes, all that were things he used to do on a daily basis. These days, he just sits stoning and watching My Little Pony reruns.

Poor chap. Sometimes we wonder if he needs help. Other times, we just steal his credit card.

311 - Down (from 311)


anon said...

what they're still around?

The One leg robo said...

shiit crap why they're not playin in sing , now i must go back to my hometown to watch, better sing i can bring SLR not to being worry gettin mug by someone darn

stephanoid said...

Its so hard to get tickets to this! I bought online and didn't get any reply, no email, no receipt, no indication of where to collect my ticket or where the venue is. I am close to giving up.

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