Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Word for the Week: Three

That's Pantsy in the center. Yeah, had one too many hot dogs.

'Three' is a wonderful word. More importantly it's hardly a beautiful word on any week other than this week. Why? Because this week, yours truly, Geekus Largus will only be working for a grand total of three days. Which essentially means he has a four day weekend, which he will use to service his five maidens, who usually bring along their six dogs, which usually result in them biting seven of his limbs off, leaving only eight of them left, which will be used to acquire nine of them back because the extra one is really a 10-out-of-10. Any guess which limb that is?

Yep, my left scrotum.

Rilo Kiley - Three Hopeful Thoughts (from The Execution of All Things)

Lets see, what are my three hopeful thoughts for the week? 'Pork', 'Chicken' and 'Pork'. Oh, it's not all about food. The middle one's this chick named Chicken. Wears a mean feather boa that's difficult to take off. Almost feels like actual feathers. People these days.

The Lassie Foundation - Three Wheels (from Jetstreams, Three Wheels EP)

In the spirit of my three day work week, I have decided to remove one of the wheels on my car. Been brilliant, works wonders over bumps and causes the car to do a lovely back flip every corner I take. I feel like a gymnast.

Buffalo Tom - Three Easy Pieces (from Three Easy Pieces)

That's how much I am worth, yee ha! Oh what? They don't do currency with 'pieces' anymore? What year is this? 2009? Shit no kid? How old is Megan Fox these days? Wow. And to think when I first thought of her, she was but a apparition at the corner of a vision I had during, you know, that time when Robin Hood lived.

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