Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Flaming Lips in Singapore in November?

Today, our pet durian told us that the word on the tree is that the Flaming Lips will be dropping by Singapore in November.

I know, I know. The above statement is so completely mindblowing, right? Yes indeed. Our awesomeness has just been magnified by the simple fact we own a pet durian. We actually own a pet papaya and two pet mangosteens too, but they don't tell us much besides what they had for dinner. But our pet durian, on the other hand. Now she's a trooper. The other da...

Eh, sorry? Oh hi, pet papaya. What did you want to tell us?

Pet Papaya: I had mangosteen for dinner.

Oh, you did! Clever fruit. Here, have another one.

Pet Papaya: Can I have dessert later?

Oh sure you can! What were you thinking of having?

Pet Papaya: Durian cake.

Great idea! I'll bake one up right now.

Pet Papaya: You rock. Nice nail polish by the way.

Thanks man. They're durian flavoured.

Pet Papaya: Oh really. Mmmm nice smell...

The Flaming Lips - Powerless (from Embryonic)

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