Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Week's Track 9: This is Ivy League - Till the Day

I never told anyone this but I am actually from an Ivy league school. Yeah I know, it's obvious but I still feel the need to point the obvious out. Like oh, there goes Olivia Wilde ... around my arms. He he, yeah, okay scram Ol' Wild One and go get me a lemon lime bitter.

Ah yes, Ivy league, the fun times. When the grass seemed greener, Hulk seemed greener, peas seemed greener. Green Lantern seemed greener. Martian Manhunter seemed greener. The world was just one big green blob (oh wait it is) and I could not ask for a more relaxing color to settle into. I was seriously in love with one of the lecturers. Rumor has it she is the daughter of one of the school's founders. I have a picture wait ...

Cute hair ...

This is Ivy League - Till the Day (from This is Ivy League)

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