Friday, October 15, 2010

This Week's Track 9: A Camp - Eau De Colonia

I just love the idea of side projects. Besides being able to seem something in a different light, it allows us the space to do something different from what I would usually do day-to-day.

Like how on a day-to-day basis, I would usually, pick up my flame thrower, head out to the woods behind my home and torch the whole forrest looking for some truffles. My wife has indicated that it might be a little drastic but I told her that one should not compromise on good food. She then said something about how 'where we live, truffles don't grow'. I think it's silly to think that something only grows in a specific place. Why would that be? But on the flip side, I have found that the truffles picked up, tasted more like snails. My wife has said they are but I am choosing the option of 'selective hearing'.

It's the secret to a long-lasting marriage.

A Camp - Eau De Colonia (from Colonia)

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