Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Broken Social Scene in Malaysia (not just Singapore)

Right, right so we know the band's penned for a show at Singapore on the 27th of July, but hey, word has it that some peeps at this end are trying to get the guys down here for a show as well. That would be swell. So swell that I have in fact offered to put up the band. Yeah, all 329 (or was it 331?) of them. Yeah I have this large field behind my home where they can lay wherever they want, take a dump wherever they want and eat whatever they want (only grass is on the menu).

Oh wait, I had that field before I gave all my money away to charity (it's just something I do). Now all I have is a small laundry area behind my room. No worries, we can just stack them up to the roof. You still have my go ahead organizers! *shows a thumbs up gesture

Broken Social Scene - Guilty Cubicles (from Feel Good Lost)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hell they are among the many few bands out there who can lay wherever the hell they want, dump wherever the hell they want, and still be awesome.

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