Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gig-gles: Andrew Bird Live in Singapore

Better late than never, that's my motto. Some might say this gig review may have come a tad too late but I maintain that it's right on time. Because the wonderful show that this Chicago native threw together will forever be relevant, from his brilliant ability to sample the crap out of everything right down to his ability to whistle like like me (when I catch the eye of a 'fit bird')

Oh yeah, back to the 'on time' bit. Yup, it's totally on time. See unlike losers like Genusfrog, I actually prefer to catch a bus three days after I'm supposed to catch it and eat cheese cake four years after it's expired. I can then call it 'blue cheese' cake. Oh wait, it looks kind of green. Or is it purple? Hmm ... might be a tinge of navy blue in there somewhere. Ooo ... the Navy! Guns ...

Andrew Bird - Simple X (from Armchair Apocrypha)


wee said...

Blue cheese cake? Dude, I love your witty writing (I've been following your blog for a while now) but sometimes I just don't get what you're saying. Very ,uh, cryptic. Unless that's your intention. And yeah, the Andrew Bird gig was excellent.

Keep on writing.Really.

The Geek said...

You know honestly sometimes, I don't even get I'm saying myself.

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