Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gig-gles: Shai Hulud - Asia Tour 2010

American hardcore band Shai Hulud is slated for a couple of shows around this region. This represents the first time the progressive hardcore/punk band has traveled to these parts and it should be a maximum treat for their fans here.




Just kidding. This Shai Hulud is coming instead ...

Yeah man, shit your pants suckers, shit your pants.


1 May Singapore, Blackhole
2 May Jakarta, Indonesia, The Green Cafe
3 May Bandung, Indonesia, Fame Station
4 May Solo, Indonesia, Megaland 2nd Floor
7 May Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, One Cafe
9 May Bangkok, Thailand, The Rock Pub

Shai Hulud - In the Mind and Marrow (from Misanthropy Pure)


wee said...

Good news! Except that it's going to be in that scary One Cafe.

The Geek said...

Is it scary? Must be the terribly schizophrenic decor

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