Monday, May 31, 2010

WC 2010: What if Argentina were a band?

Because there's nothing else better for us Pirates to do sometimes except watch some testosterone-pumped athletes kicking each balls, we bring you our special, World Cup special. Yes, it has twice the 'specials'. Namely, instead of kicking one ball, they kick a pair. Yep, balls should always be a pair.

If Argentina were a band, they would be Helloween. Why? Cause like those hairy German speed-metallers, Argentina are fast as shit. In fact, I heard once during a training session, they ran so fast that they opened a portal to Thundera. That and at least one dude in the picture up there is as hairy as a yeti. And few people in the world are as hairy and fast as Helloween. Well, except that 100m yeti sprinter. But I heard he's retired.

A little bromance never hurt anyone

Helloween - Judas (from The Best, the Rest, the Rare)

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