Friday, April 10, 2009

B-side of the Week - Vicar In A Tutu

The Smiths
Vicar In A Tutu (from the Panic single)
(Rough Trade)

I've been doing a bit of research recently about animal rearing laws in French Guyana and I found this in the Transportation, Farm & War Animal Tax & Duties Act 1971:

"Section 1091P(2)(a)
The acquiring of the following beasts is not exempt from GST if the acquiring is for private purposes and for the purposes of dairy produce, meat, and farming labour:

(a) long-haired Mexican cows
(b) short-haired Mexican cows
(c) goats
(d) white sheep
(e) black sheep
(f) buffalo
(g) Anggora rabbits
(h) dwarf rabbits
(i) ferrets
(j) uruk hai
(k) ducks, and
(l) geese."

Did you see that? Did you see that? I know, I can barely believe my eyes! Ducks! How will I ever set up my duck farm in French Guyana now that I've to pay GST for selling them for the purposes of farming labour? Rubbish! Useless country! I hate! I hate!

The Smiths - Vicar In A Tutu

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