Thursday, August 6, 2009

Look what I found in the bargain bin

The Charlatans
The Charlatans
(Beggars Banquet Records)

Price: S$6.00

There's one thing I don't like about the traveling circus and that's the lions. What sissy people go to a circus to look at lions? No, they spoil the circus. Other than them, the circus would be great. Them and the bears. Yeah. Dancing bears are totally not hot. Yeah. And don't get me started about the trapeze artistes. What kind of nonsense is that to show at a circus. Utter bollocks if you ask me. Waste my time. And that guy, that guy, what's his name? Oh yes, the sword swallower. Yeah, don't like that too. Yeah, he spoils the circus. And clowns. Oh my, yes. If there's one thing that doesn't belong at a circus, it's a clown. They should get rid of them. And jugglers. Damn I hate jugglers. If you could rid the circus of jugglers and all the other rubbish acts mentioned here, the circus would finally look like the circuses that I went to as a kid.

Sigh, how fondly I remember them. Typewriter banging away in the background. Secretaries shuffling about. Phonecalls and meetings. Did I mention, my dad used to take me to the circus every Monday when I was a kid. Damn, they sure don't do them the same way these days. Useless jerks.

The Charlatans - Here Comes A Soul Saver (from The Charlatans)

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