Monday, August 17, 2009

Sepultura SEA Tour 2009: December you worms!

Many people would've been waiting a long time for this. I remember I was waiting for this once though, I waited and waited until I turned soft and started listening to Bon Jovi. Life has not been the same since. Look at my headband. It's a better life.

Anyways, as legendary as the wait has been and as heavy as the band's music has grown over the years, I can't help but wonder one thing. Isn't the guy on the extreme left in the picture above looks extremely gay? I mean from here, it looks like he just wandered in from a gay photo shoot. Dude, you need some hair, cause hair is like metal you know?

Tour dates:

4th December 2009 (Friday)
Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 5th December 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: TBA, Malaysia

Date: 6th December 2009 (Sunday)
Venue: TBA, Singapore

8th December 2009 (Tuesday)
TBA, Thailand

Sepultura - Kaiowas (from Chaos A.D.)

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Anonymous said...

This is surreal

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