Monday, June 7, 2010

WC 2010: What if England were a band?

They would be Stars of Track and Field of course. England stopped breeding footballers years ago. Apparently it's a little too costly to teach a boy to kick a ball around. But breeding stars, now that's cheaper. Just throw together a cheap suit, some flawed marketing campaign, some biceps, a drinking scandal and boom, you have yourself a star. Not just any star, but a babe-snagging star. Never mind that you look like a platypus, but hey, it's all about the impression. I give you exhibit A:

Okay this one looks more like a ostrich, but yeah you get my point. I mean girls these days, they seem to take the whole 'bird' thing to another level. I mean, ostrich, yeesh. What? Not the girl? Yikes! What the hell is that beside the ostrich? Oh it's okay people. It's just a beaver.

Stars of Track and Field - Fantastic (from Centuries Before Love and War)

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