Friday, December 5, 2008

B-Side of the Week - I'm Sticking With You

The Decemberists
I'm Sticking With You (from the Days Of Elaine single (which is from the Always The Bridesmaid: The Singles Series collection))

Behold. The second part of The Decemberists' trilogy of singles yields us this majestic rare cut of a b-side! Behold the wonder! Prepare yourself for Meloy Magnificence! Stand back and witness the unveiling of...

What? They're not singles? But there are only two tracks. Wikipedia says what? Collectively an EP? How do you collect three... nevermind. Anyway, I reveal to you now, the great... what now? What do you mean that means it's not a b-side. This is my... look what's your problem? I know if it's on an EP then it's not officially a b-side. Look, can I get on with my job please?

I present to you, from The Decemberists' Always The Bridesma... WHAT IS IT NOW? What do you mean not a rare cut. When did I say it was a rare cut? I didn't say rare cut. What's your problem? Yes, I know that it's all over the internet. That's where I got it from and that's where I'm putting it back on. What? No, it's not a completely pointless exercise. Sorry what was that? Oh you're damn right I am. Am damn proud of what I do here.

The Decemberists - I'm Sticking With You

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