Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shhh ... they might be listening but, Mosaic is here.

We've been advised by our lawyers, which on any given day may consist of a parrot, an overfed rhino and Britney Spears that we shouldn't talk too much about this festival because there may be a certain large establishment that may be displeased with what we had to say about them in a previous post. Namely how we called them old.

But alas, we've got big mouths, to go with our big arses, big biceps and big errr ... handphones (you may have those tiny ones that cost a bomb but our mamas always told us that big is always better, especially when it is big and cheap, and we certainly are both. Yee hah). So here it is.

Yeah that's what I thought, boring. You know, like how Pooh gets when he is sleepy and he yawns, yeps, just like that. Or kind of how we get when we are you know, not interested? Oh wait, we fart when we aren't. So I guess not. Like couldn't they have gotten Cliff Richard along as well, you know, just to make it even more boring? Oh wait, that might not be possible cause the ... oh crap (farts).

Yeah anyway, doesn't matter now.

Go here for a preview of the acts as well as the schedule.

Psapp - Tricycle (from The Only Thing I Ever Wanted) [BUY]
Of Montreal - Penelope (from Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety Of Whimsical Verse) [BUY]
Battles - Dance (from B EP) [BUY]
Cinematic Orchestra - Horizon (from Horizon) [BUY]

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