Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ani DiFranco in Singapore, 10th Feb 2009

You know, when we get a comment like the one we got in the previous post telling us that Ani DiFranco is coming to Singapore on 10th February 2009 to play in The Esplanade, our system goes into autopilot mode, and three things happen:
  • We blog about it.
  • We grog about it.
  • We snog about it.
Now I know what you're thinking: why does anyone blog about good news right? Yeah, it's one of those things we totally can't explain. Our resident scientists are developing a 4,338-page thesis on it as we speak.

The other two automatic actions are totally natural of course, so no explanation needed there. Like yesterday, my mate told me that my bank had just deposited 28 million bucks into my bank account. So, true to autopilot mode, I withdrew all the money, added rum and water, and grogged it. After that that, I looked for the nearest rabbit and shoved my tongue down its throat. So yeah, it's good to know that we can do things all the time without having to think much and... what? Oh, Jessica Alba wants to have my baby? Excuse me then. Hey, Thumper? C'mere. Yeah, good Thumper. Hey on the way can you grab my laptop? And the blender? That's a good furface.

Ani DiFranco - The Story (from Ani DiFranco) [BUY]


Anonymous said...

The news is out on the promoter's facebook "Greenhorn Productions" in facebook

Queen said...

FYI cos I haven't seen this posted; The Teenagers are coming down to SIngapore for ZoukOut 2008.
Bummer. I want to see them but I don't want to brave the clubbers crowd

Pantsy, Geek & Genusfrog said...

yeah, it needs real guts to brave those clubbers. maybe bring a chainsaw along. that'll chop up their clubs any day.

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