Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rarity on the Rarity: Whitey

Rare factor: Home demo

Here's an acoustic home demo from Mr Allan. Take it. No, seriously, take it. What do you mean you already have the album? Can't you see this thing is called Rarity on the Rarity? Yeah. So? Well that's what it means, you dumbass. It's a rarity. It's not on the album. What? The self-titled album, you doof. Yeah. So you want it. Just click on... no. It's not on the singles. It's not a b-side. Yes. Yes. I am Pirate Genusfrog. No, this is not my b-side column. This is... look, do you want this or not? Ok fine, beat it. 

I tell you, some people are just impossible. Like this other time, I was trying to feed a 1kg deep-fried pork trotter to my Slovakian date. Damn girl kept going on about never having seen the beach and wanting to do some rubbish with a blanket. I told her the only use for a blanket when you have a 1kg deep-fried pork trotter in front of your face is to keep the hog warm. Cos there's nothing more tear-jerking than an uneaten shivering piece of pig.

Glasvegas - Whitey

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