Saturday, November 1, 2008

B-Side of the Week - O New England

The Decemberists
O New England (from the Valerie Plame single (which is from the Always The Bridesmaid: The Singles Series collection))

There was once a man called Meloy
Who spent all his cash on a toy
But once in December
He couldn't remember
Ok this limerick thing really isn't working. I hate this damned life as a handsomely-paid handsome blogger. Sucks to the sky.

You know, en route to graduating from writing school with first class honours, they told me that good writing needs to have dynamics. Dynamics my underwear. I've since discovered that the best pieces of writing have only one thing in common and it's not dynamics. No, not poetry. No, not verbosity. No, no, not even good grammar. Sorry, come again? Yes, that's it. How did you guess? Oh you didn't guess? You discovered it the hard way too? Yeah. I totally agree. Yeah. Exactly, oh my god. You're right. Hahhaa. Oh, coffee? Umm... I don't usually, well... I'm more of a tea person. But... oh, hahaha, how silly of me. They would, wouldn't they. Alright then. Yeah. Oh, no. I got nothing on till like, tomorrow morning.

The Decemberists - O New England [BUY]

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