Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mogwai's in for some 'Nasi Lemak'?

Update: The date is 21st Jan. Venue to be confirmed. Look out, look out.

Update: The date suggested by the organizers is apparently early Jan, but the band is apparently more keen on a end-of-Jan date. Look out in this space for more updates.

Surprisingly, our usual hairy, coffee guzzling bear of a paparazzi did not alert us to this one, so we've decided to pinch his pinky finger and feed him some boiled liver.

Anyways, there's a rumor going around that I'm dating Emmanuelle Chriqui, only thing it's a pretty bad rumor because I actually AM dating her, or was it married? Crap, I can't remember. Sorry A.J., all that serial killer, chest cracking business is a little too icky for me, and plus I never forgave you for pulling that plier on me the other day just because I wanted that tub of ice cream.

Eh wait, what the heck were we talking about? Oh yes, Mogwai. Apprently they are heading over here early 2009. Those furry things, always overeating.

Mogwai - Small Children in the Background (from EP + 6) [BUY]

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