Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fad of the Land: Twones and Tony Player

Twones and Tony Player are specifically engineered to give you the complete music experience. The former tracks every song you play (as long as you're online), and then creates a timeline of your play history which can then be shared with the Twones community. The latter then builds playlists from different timelines, and when you visit a club that uses this system, you just send a text to register yourself, and your playlists are sent to the DJ who then picks his set based on your listening preferences.

It's quite a killer combo, I must say. Almost as killer as the combo I ordered that day. Man, that one was nasty. Came with a hand grenade, eight king cobras and two Swedish assassins. thankfully mum always taught me never to judge a Swede. Turns out she was right. Swedes are fantastic at teaching cobras algebra. Too bad mum didn't give me lessons on grenades though. Bloody tricky stuff trying to blog with one hand and hold my colon with the other.

Link: www.twones.com, www.tonyplayer.com

Squarepusher - Duotone Moonbeam (from Just a Souvenir) [BUY]

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