Monday, March 2, 2009

Faux B-Side of the Week: Avalanche, Oh Avalanche!

Gregory & The Hawk
Avalanche, Oh Avalanche! (from the Boats And Birds EP)
(FatCat Records)

I have a friend who has a van, and in that van there's a cd player. And inside that cd player, there's a girl. And inside that girl, there's another girl. Now let's assume that the inner girl eats porridge every Tuesday and mackerel on alternate Monday nights, and there are five Mondays in March 2009. Let's also assume that the outer girl likes to dance the polka but is disallowed from doing so on odd-numbered dates by her oppressive step-father. Suppose also that the van is travelling at 90km per hour on the Lebuhraya Utara Selatan back and forth from Nilai to Batu Pahat for 30 days starting 15th February 2009.

1. On what day and date do the two girls intersect while respectively eating mackerel and dancing the polka?

2. What is the nearest small town to this occurance?

What, you have no clue?

Bah. My two-year-old figured this one out. Huh? Of course not, what do you mean kids? No, I've got no kids. What, the two-year-old? That's not a kid. That's a supercomputer. You don't talk about your computers like that? My lord, you're indeed a depraved species.

Gregory & The Hawk - Avalanche, Oh Avalanche!

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