Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Non-Smelly Ones at Sunfart 2009: They Will Kill Us All

So they were fairly decent. How can we convince you they were? Simple, Pantsy stood out in the scorching afternoon sun to watch their whole set. And I know you must be thinking two things. Firstly, how scorching was it? And secondly, what's the big deal with Pantsy getting some sun?

Well my friends, let me just say that firstly, it was real hot. So hot that even my buff, Bruce Wayne-like body got a minor tan just below my second from left pack on my 28 pack torso. Secondly, the sun is like Kryptonite to the vermin. As such ever since then, we've isolated him into a fridge just below the pork nuggets, which is why he has not blogged in awhile.

Rating: 6.1

They Will Kill Us All - Curtains (from Secret Episodes)

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