Friday, March 6, 2009

Oasis Playing Singapore 5 April

Blahblahblah, so my pet llama kept asking me, "ooOoOoo, like duude, why are you so oOooOOo, so like sad dude?", and so I told him that my Oasis post got taken down by that guy who works for support at blogger, you know the guy who makes passionate love to cracks in brick walls? And my pet llama was all "ooOOoOo, dude, he must be small. Or those walls, dude, they need a plastering, ooOoo. What did you write in the piece that was so offensive dude?"

"Nothing man. Just that Oasis are playing in Singapore on April 5, that tickets go on Sistic tomorrow, and some stuff about three-legged women selling six-eyed children by the roadside in Shanghai."

"ooOOoOo. Those are cute ass dude."

"I know. They got like little eyes on their feet. I love that.

"Well, that post is gone now. I composed it right into blogger. I'm never gonna do that again. Or that brickwall-loving guy's gonna keep ripping down my posts."

"Dude, isn't he like the guy who also makes love to like wire mesh fences?"

"Yeap, that's him."

"Vile, dude. OoOooOo, isn't he also the guy who makes love to daisies? I mean not like my sister and all but the actual flow-"

"Yes, pet llama, that's him. The blogger employee who humps, among many things, gebra daisies. You've IDed him, now can we talk about something-"

"OoOOo, isn't he also the one who makes love to like, wooly alpacan herbivors?"

"Pet llama, that's you. Actually, can you get all your girlfriends to leave in the morning by jumping down the window? It's really not on to have them walking all over the place wearing your underwear".

"Touchy, dude. Like, OooOoo."

Oasis - Let's All Make Believe (from Hindu Times single) 

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