Monday, November 9, 2009

65daysofstatic live in Singapore: March 13, 2010, Esplanade

Yay! We have a new informer (after the last one choked on a burrito and fell off a cliff). Say hello to Hornbill. She carries a large horn and she likes settling our bills. Our kind of girl.

Anyways, Hornbill has just informed us that post-rock-core-metal-steel-mill band 65daysofstatic is slated for a date in this region around March. She has also informed us that she is just dying to pay a bill for us, so we've decided to point her towards the electric company to pay for our power bill. After all, maintaining 325 women and 300 vibrators can be quite expensive from an electrical perspective. Oh, the 25? We hired them to run around the compound and shout 'Cowabunga'. We thought it would be funny.

65daysofstatic - Don't Go Down to Sorrow (from The Destruction of Small Ideas)

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