Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Release: SevenCollar T-Shirt - The Great Battle

Battler 1: Maaaate. Checkit out yo.

Battler 2: What?

Battler 1: My new t-shirt. Amazing shitzuz, ain't it?

Battler 2: What's amazing?

Battler 1: Dude! Look at how many collars I got!

Battler 2: Huh?

Battler 1: Hey waddlefoot. Can't you count? One, two, seven! Seven collars, dude! Seventh to tha heaventh!

Battler 2: Ummm.

Battler 1: Plasterdunce! Wassup, beeeyotch! I will whoop yo wussy tush! You evah seen a shirt with seven collars? Evah? Evah?

Battler 2: Man.

Battler 1: Man! Got that right, man! Man is I. I AM THA MAN!

Battler 2: Think I'm gonna watch My Little Pony now.

Battler 1: Oh really?

Battler 2: Yeah. Wanna join?

Battler 1: Hot damn. Let me get my rabbit slippers.

Battler 2: Sure beeyotch.

Track list:

1. TET Offensive
2. Lucky You
3. Wild Child (Here For You)
4. Fragile
5. Fibres
6. The Foreigner
7. December
8. A Dissapearing Act
9. Exiled
10. Lights

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