Monday, November 23, 2009

British Sea Power heading to these shores?

So apparently, the rumor around town (or if I was honest, the lips of our dead informer that's just returned as a sexy bikini zombie) is that someone's trying to shop the Brighton-based quartet around these shores.

I would be extremely interested to catch them in concert to learn:

1) Their wall-paper peeling abilities
2) How to 'not look cool' with a cigarette, and
3) How to look like a middle-age English-woman (second from right, picture above)

British Sea Power - The Great Skua (from Do You Like Rock Music?)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dream on! All the so-called rumours are JUST rumours... Unless by these shores you meant Singapore..

KL? NOT in this lifetime *shakes head*

The Geek said...

Well Singapore does have shores too

Anonymous said...

whichever shores the sea power brings them to, i hope its anywhere ard Southeast asia!

Anonymous said...


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