Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Killers Live in Singapore: Jan 24, Indoor Stadium

Soldier: Captain, we're completely surrounded and there appears to be no more backup on the way. Looks like this is it.

Captain: Ah this could well be our final swansong lad. How are you feeling about it?

Soldier: I want to pee.

Captain: Well what are you waiting for, no one should wait to empty your bladder. Do it over there by the bush.

Soldier: But I need a toilet sir. And you mustn't look.

Captain: That's nonsense son do you think I would be interested in looking at you? You who appears to be wearing some well cut pants and a package that's peeking out front? Why would I?

Soldier: Sir, that's not me, that's Brandon Flowers, the super assassin they've sent our way to finish us off.

Captain: Oh sorry, was distracted by a gumball wrapper on the ground. Ah yes, what do you want of us ye harbinger of death?

Brandon: I'm Mr Brightside.

Captain: What on earth are you on about son. If you want to kill us go ahead, if not state your purpose.

Brandon: Well somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend.

Captain: Ah that would be this soldier here then.

Soldier: But sir, I'm just an hetero Asian man. I'm not your girlfriend.

Captain: Ah what nonsense, he's just shy, go on ahead, take him. And yes, take his rifle too, and his sexy boxers. On second thought, hold it, I'll keep the boxers.

Note: Tickets from $128 to $168 go on sale Nov 23 at Sistic outlets

The Killers - Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll (from Hot Fuss)


Anonymous said...

psst pirates... no hope at all for a KL date?
with the killers, that is, not the pirates.
cheerios and ahoy!

The Geek said...

Well we've never thought of ourselves as being genies' or anything but hey, there's always a first. Your wish is granted! That'll be 55.90. No money back guarantee should it not come to past though.

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