Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paramore Live in Manila: March 9, 2010

Yes I know what some of you are thinking. Things like:

  • "Malaysia has nicer food and cops with tight clothing! Come here instead"
  • "Singapore has better public transport and no landed property! Come here instead"
  • "We have a red light district in Thailand and lots of pork! Come here instead"

Me, I'm just thinking two things:

  • "Haley, blue is definitely not your color. Skin color is. So lose that top", and
  • "I think the guy right at the back in the picture above just had an epiphany about being Superman"

Paramore - That's What You Get (from Riot!)


Hilary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aresi said...

hey there you stupid Geek...first and foremost, you talk like shit, you probably look like one....paramore would N-E-V-E-R ever go to your country, coz they'd never perform for a crowd who thinks like you, who talks like you and most of all who looks like sound like a pervert, speak not of haley maliciously, you ugly bastard..poor guy, apparently u aint gettin' some of that lovin' manifests wit how you talk of haley...and stop makin' fun of the aint cool, you'll never be are NOT(and will never) even a tiny fraction cool to talk that way, heck you're not even comparable to me so keep your silly, foolish, 2nd grader-drop out comments all to your stupid self coz no one gives a horse shit about you, you worm....

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