Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deftones in Southeast Asia, Feb 2011

I want to clear the air, and tell everyone out there precisely why there are so many acts coming around Southeast Asia in the first quarter of 2011. It has nothing to do with it being summer in Australia, which is in conjunction with festival season. Nor does it have anything to do with tax breaks on entertainment, or any funny-money-jingo-lingo business like that.

The reason there are so many acts in the first quarter is because our fried chicken is the best in the world. No seriously, it is. It is made with 24 kidneys of an extinct panda, plus the testicle of an endangered tapir. How do I know? Because I created it myself. Ummhmm, managed to find the last of 'em dorky cubs in my backyard last week, and skewered the chap with a... oh, hey! Did I say panda? Noooo, I meant ponda. Oh err, no. I meant pendrive. Yeah, 24 kidneys of an extinct pendrive. Nice pendrive. Here, have a bamboo shoot.


When: 8th February 2011
Where: Senayan Tennis Indoor Stadium, Jakarta
Tickets: On sale 27th November

12th February 2011
World Trade Centre, Manila
Tickets on sale December 1st

14th February 2011
Venue TBA
Tickets TBA

15th February 2011
Thunderdome, Bangkok
Tickets on sale Nov 27th

16th February 2011
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets on-sale Dec 1st

Deftones - Diamond Eyes (from Diamond Eyes)

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