Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laneway hits Singapore: Jan 29, 2011

Ready for war?

It's been awhile since the full Pirates family have gone on a road trip together so this fest provides a chance for us to. Not just Genusfrog and Pantsy (we just took one recently up a hill behind my house to shoot us some mutant kangaroos) but the rest of the family you don't see or hear from. There's Mamasan Watermelon Pulsar, the lady that's part woman, part tractor. No like seriously, she's got them giant wheels on her behind. Huuuuge ones. Oh what? They are not wheels? Then what the heck are they?! Oh ...

Sorry was distracted, yes and there's Gogleboth Hungary. Nothing much to say about him except he's from Hungary and he's always hungry. There's also Largeass Buffaloon, offspring of a union between a buffalo and a baloon. Yeps, people, a damn miracle child. Who else ... ? Oh yeah and there's John Smith. He's an accountant. Nice guy, likes chocolate.

Check out the full lineup and details here

Beach House - Childhood (from Beach House)

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