Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ash Live in Singapore, 2nd October at Fort Canning Park

Yes, the purveyors of Irish punk are coming.

Tim Wheeler has carved a decent career for himself from writing silly pop punk tunes in the 90s to graduating to Bacharach's school of ballad writing in the early 2000s. And the man can write them catchy tunes (remember 'Angel Interceptor'? I don't but I remember the guitar tapping during the solo).

Anyways considering the legacy, the songs, the prospect of a riotous rock party, I have decided that I won't go. Why? Because the cute chick guitarist has left the band apparently. And if there's one thing my momma thought me it's that things that chicks leave, you should always stay away from. I could never understand why but you should never question your mother.

For more info on the show, go here

Ash - Folk Song (from Nu-Clear Sounds) [BUY]


Liz said...

Sigh, why do good/UK/Scotland/Irish bands always skip Malaysia? As much as I'm bumped out that Charlotte will no longer be playing lead, I can't help but head down to Singapore on the 2nd of October just to listen to a few tunes live!

Not gonna repeat the same mistake again when they had a mini SEA tour back in 2001.

The Geek said...

maybe cause we make bad fish and chips? okay bad joke alert

bloodbubble said...

My bro said the exact same thing when he refuse to take the trip down to see them live. Anyways my only concern is Tim is still with the band :D

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