Thursday, September 4, 2008

Motley Crue's The Saints Of Los Angeles Tour is 'busting' into town

We are not sure if Tommy Lee's drum will rotate on a riser. We are not sure if they will play 'Home Sweet Home'. We are not sure if Vince Neil can still hit those notes he could so easily reach 20 years ago. We're not sure if Mick Mars is going to heave over and bite the bullet tomorrow. Heck, we're not even sure if there's going to be any decent music on display here.

What we DO know is that there will definitely be a ton of hot busty blonde chicks backstage. How do I know? Just look at their ex-wives man. The taste buds are clear. And while most of us are not a member of any VIP exclusive club or a member of any press important enough to warrant a backstage pass, just the thought of them likely being backstage should be enough to compel you to buy a ticket to cop a peek.


Date: October 16
Venue: Fort Canning Park
Tickets: $140 (for Earlybird from Sept 8 – 22), $150 (Sept 23 – Oct 15) and $160 on day of show.

Tickets will be available at Sistic.

Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home (from Theatre of Pain) [BUY]


lil m said...

caught this tour recently and there were some scary fan factors, including creepy mother daughter combos...lotsa soft doughy white boys, many snot nosed and bonding with their soft doughy dads.

place was far from sold out as well... the Crue's new album is sinking off the soundscan radar fast. Barely registered a hundred thousand copies last I looked. No where near ever reaching a half million, barely # 466 on the eMusic charts this week. Way behind lower profile, less marketed new crap like Lagwagon, King Khan And The Shrines, Cut Copy, and getting beat hard by old reissues of Sparks, Fugazi, Cat Power, Coltrane & CCR albums. Hell even the new Alice Cooper made it to 116 on eMusic this week, and he's not on a summer shed tour and a featured guest on Larry King. Sad...They shoulda just put out some porn & plastic surgery videos.

The Geek said...

Or start a restaurant? Or market a fragrance. Smell like Tommy Lee. Err ...

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