Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gig-gles: My Little Airport - Live in Malaysia, 30th August

I am convinced now that much of a band's musical success has little to do with the actual music they play. Granted that this band of HK twee darlings were more than capable to the task of churning out their lovely pop anthems but I'm talking about the kind of success that transcends the music. The kind where it captures the imagination of the audience they play for, imploring them to think about bigger things rather than the extra chocolate-coated doughnut they ate in the afternoon.

That kind of creative success my friends, lie in the fabric of a cute floral baby-doll dress. Yep, it's as simple as that. Play music as well as you want, practice as much as it is physically possible but without the dress, you're only captivating for about 30% of your true potential. And if you ... hold on. Yes honey what is it? Okay will come down and get them ironed in a bit okay? Yeah they are from Forever 21 dear.

My Little Airport - Victor, Fly Me to Stafford (from The Ok Thing to Do on Sunday Afternoon is to Toddle in the Zoo)

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